Catalyst Ligands

We offer several unique classes of catalyst ligands for various applications. Listed below are some examples of the chemistry classes in our ligand product portfolio. Please email us at sales@glsyntech.com if you inquire specific custom chemistries and services.

  • Polyolefin catalysis processes, including metal complex compounds, catalyst ligands and boron-based catalytic promoters
  • Chiral catalysis transformations
  • Cyclometalated ligands as lighting and displaying materials
  • Other special transformational processes
  • 1. Indanone and Indene Series
    2. Tropolones and Azulenes
    3. Chiral Phosphorus Ligands
    4. Perfluorinated Aryl Borate Compounds
    5. Bridged Cyclopentadienyl Compounds
    6. Others

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